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Saranac Lake Golf Club scorecard

Hole 1

A deep drive-eating gully and an elevated green make this short par 5 play considerably longer than the yardage on the scorecard. If your drive ends up in the gully, you'll be forced to decide between trying to reach in 2 with a gutsy fairway wood or laying up short. Miss this green left or right and you'll likely find yourself in one of 3 deep traps that guard a large undulating green.

Hole 2

The second hole is protected by a large pine forest down the left side and another gully that repels long drives. If your drive falls short of the hill, you'll have to hit a blind shot with a long iron or fairway wood to a narrow green with traps and woods both left and right. Balls that land short bounce hard right and run, making this one of the more difficult greens to hit in regulation. The two-tiered green slopes dramatically from back to front.

Hole 3

The third hole is rated the most difficult on the course, playing a full club length longer than it seems. An uphill drive leaves a mid to long iron to a raised green protected by traps left, right, and in back. This large green also slopes back to front with severe break and the imminent danger that almost any putt could roll right off the front of the green.

Hole 4

The fourth hole is a short par 3, but you'll need to be on in regulation for your best chance at par. Miss right and your ball could bounce into deep, wet rough leaving a difficult uphill second shot. Miss left and your faced with a tight lie trying desperately to stop a shot on a green that falls away dramatically with a high probability your shot will simply roll off the opposite side and down a large hill. There are also traps protecting the front and left-hand side of this small green.

Hole 5

At 318 yards, the fifth hole might seem like a driveable par 4, but a babbling brook stands in the way. Long hitters will lay up and play a short iron to this long narrow green. The creek winds its way around the front and down the right hand side, catching many second shots. With one of the flatter greens on the course, this is a birdie opportunity if you can avoid the water.

Hole 6

This par 3 plays from an elevated tee to an elevated green with deep grass bunkers on the right and deep sand bunkers on the left. The large green slopes from the back left down to the front right with plenty of break in almost any pin placement.

Hole 7

The shortest of the par 4's, at 288 yards your drive will have to carry 100 yards to clear a wet marsh. That pesky brook again tests the nerves, eating long drives from the back tees and difficult to clear from the short tees. The green is the smallest on the course, requiring an accurate second shot and it's surrounded by deep rough that makes saving par difficult. The green slopes from back to front and provides for some tricky putts.

Hole 8

Par 4 length, but all uphill makes this par 5 much more difficult than it appears on paper. A slight dogleg left, your second shot will be uphill, blind and very difficult to hold. The fairway slopes down right to left, so shots too far left run the risk of bouncing out of bounds. The narrow green slopes severely front to back causing all but the most perfect approach shots to roll to the back leaving many long, uphill putts.

Hole 9

The final hole is an inviting short par 4 with a wide-open fairway and a large green. An infamous pine tree forces many drives to the right, but a good tee shot leaves a short iron to a green protected by bunkers left and right, but sand saves are possible. The green, however, is one of the more severe on the course sloping from back right to front left. There are no easy putts here!

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