Annual Flag Day Tournament Winners

Flag Day Participants

The annual Flag Day Tournament was held Sunday, September 22nd in drizzly cold conditions, but 20 women club members showed up and participated.  Sandy Gagnon won the main event, planting her flag on the second hole (her 11th of the day) about 200 yards from the green.  Missie Snickles had the lowest number of total putts with 16. Pat Lewis had highest number of putts with 29 (she was also the first to plant her flag on hole 5). Best Dressed team was awarded to Mary Hopkinson and her daughter Jessica Eckert.  Peg Kelly, Jeanne Breen, Jean McDonough, and Pat Lewis won the award for best decorated carts. 

A big "thanks" to Peg Kelly, Jean McDonough and Jeanne Breen for helping out with setup and decorations!


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